How to Create Custom Classes on a Private WoW Server

By Cristel Wood

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • "World of Warcraft" software

  • Data administration software

  • Private server

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Private "World of Warcraft" servers are unofficial servers run by individuals. In addition to requiring no subscription fee, private servers have features not available on official "World of Warcraft" servers, such as the ability to create custom classes. Custom classes allow players to utilize race and class combinations, character models and custom spell lists not available on official "World of Warcraft" servers.

Open your data administration program. If you do not currently have a data administration program, purchase one online or at your local computer software store.

Click on "File" followed by "New Connection." Choose the "MySQL" option. Enter your private "World of Warcraft" server information into the fields as required. Most data administration programs will also allow you to import a world from another data administration program.

Choose a race for your custom class such as, 1 Human, 2 Orc, 3 Dwarf, 4 Night Elf, 5 Undead, 6 Tauren, 7 Gnome, 8 Troll, 10 Blood elf or 11 Draenei.

Choose a base class for your custom class. Although you will be modifying your class, it is easiest to choose a similar class. For example, if you are creating a melee-based class, choose a warrior or paladin-base class, rather than a mage or priest. Note the classes available, 1 Warrior, 2 Paladin, 3 Hunter, 4 Rogue, 5 Priest, 7 Shaman, 8 Mage, 9 Warlock or 11 Druid.

Open the world data table for your private server. It is usually labeled with your world name, "World," or "Ascent."

Locate the "playercreateinfo" table. Open the table.

Enter your race and class numbers into the designated fields. For example, a human priest would be entered as a "1" and a "5." Remember, your base class is only your starting point.

Locate the "DisplayID" column. "Enter" the "DisplayID" number of the creature or NPC you would like your class to look like. For example, you could enter "20582" to have your custom class appear as a male goblin, or "20583" to have your class appear as a female goblin. If you would prefer your class to appear as the race you selected, don't modify the "DisplayID" column. List of "DisplayID" codes are available on many "World of Warcraft" related blogs and forums.

Adjust the "MapID," "X" and "Y" columns to reflect a location in "World of Warcraft." Exact coordinates can be found via "World of Warcraft" mapping add-ons.

Close the "playercreateinfo" table and open the "playercreateinfo_spells" table.

Remove those items you do not wish your class to have access to, by removing the "SpellIDs" from their fields, and add spells that you wish your class to have by adding different "SpellIDs" to the field.

Close the "playercreateinfo_spells" table and open the "Spells#" table. The "#" may vary, depending on how many custom classes you have made, so ensure to use the number that coincides with your custom class.

Add your custom class spells to trainers by using the ".addtrainerspell (SpellID)" command. If your data administration program does not have the ".addtrainerspell" command, try using ".commands" or ".help" to view available commands.

Save your world data and close your data administration program. Load "World of Warcraft" and join your private server. Choose the race and class combination that coincides with your custom class.


You can also change starting items using a data administration program.


Rules for private "World of Warcraft" servers may vary server to server. Know the rules of the server you are on before you customize a class. Your custom class will appear when you choose the race and class combination you used to create your custom class.