How to Chat on "Minecraft"

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

"Minecraft's" chat window is useful not just for talking trash after decimating a friend's map, but also for entering commands as part of single and multiplayer gameplay. Commands can be used to perform several tasks, including speeding up construction and testing your creations under specific conditions.

Opening the Chat Window

By default, the chat window is opened by pressing the "T" button. Once the window is open, you can type your message and press "Enter" to display it to other players on the map. You can post or click on links to websites, as well as copy and paste any text into the chat window using the "Ctrl-C" and "Ctrl-V" commands, respectively.

Entering Commands

Commands can have dramatic effects on the map and how you interact with it, and are entered in the chat window by typing "/" followed immediately by the command. For example, you can switch to creative mode by entering "/gamemode creative". There are several commands available by default, but mods like "Single Player Commands" add a huge assortment of new commands, some functional and some just for fun. On multiplayer servers, you may not be able to use commands without operator permissions.