How to Burn a BIN File for a PSX Game If I Have Only the BIN File

By Sarah Jorgensen

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • .BIN file

  • CD-R

  • CD burner

  • Disc image burning software

You can burn .BIN PlayStation game backup files to a CD-R in minutes.
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PlayStation 1 games are recorded on CD discs that can hold up to 700MB of data each. You can make backup copies of PlayStation 1 discs in the event your original copy is lost, damaged or stolen. PlayStation 1 discs can be copied as .BIN disc image files that contain the entire data structure of the disc within a single file. You can burn your .BIN PlayStation game backup files using any one of a variety of free programs from the Internet.

Turn on your computer and download a disc image burning program (see Resources.) Install the program and run it.

Click "Burn Image to Disc" in the program's main menu, then select your CD burner. Eject the burner's disc tray and insert a blank CD-R, then close the tray.

Click "Browse for Disc Image" and select the .BIN PlayStation 1 disc image file from your hard drive.

Click "Burn File(s) to Disc" in the program's main menu. Type a title for the CD-R being recorded when prompted, then select a disc recording speed (choose 1x, 2x or 4x to ensure that no hardware errors occur during the burn session.)

Click "OK" to confirm your selections and begin the CD burning process. Wait for the process to finish, then close the program, eject the disc, and turn off your computer.


It is illegal to copy video game discs that you do not own yourself. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act you are allowed a single backup copy of your game discs for archival purpose in the event of loss, damage or theft