How to Get a Sableye in "Pokemon Sapphire"

By Chappy Sinclair

Updated September 22, 2017

Sableye is exclusive to "Pokemon Sapphire." It is a rare, Ghost- and Dark-type Pokemon that can learn a variety of fighting and psychic-based attacks, such as Sucker Punch and Detect. It has no weakness when fighting any type of Pokemon and does not evolve. Keen Eye is its default special attack that prevents its accuracy from being lowered during battle. In "Pokemon Sapphire," Sableye can be found in Granite Cave, the first cave early in the game.

Fly, walk or bike to Dewford Town. Granite Cave is north of Dewford Town. Press the "Start" button and select "Map" to see your current location and how to get to Dewford Town. Walk to the north (top) section of the city and enter Route 106, as indicated by the sign on the road.

Follow the path west (to the left). If you haven't been down this route, you'll need to defeat the weak trainers blocking the way. Continue walking until you reach the Granite Cave entrance.

Walk around the cave until you encounter Sableye. Because it is rare, it has a low encounter rate and may take some time to encounter. There are no trainers in the cave, though there are other Pokemon besides Sableye.

Use physical attacks to weaken the Sableye into red health. When its health is red, use an effect attack such as Sleep or Paralyze and throw a Pokeball to catch it.