How to Become a Voice Actor for Video Games

By Hans Fredrick

Updated September 22, 2017

Taking acting lessons is the best way to get in the booth.
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Entering the world of voice acting for video games is not easy. Training, practice, investment in your career and lots of perseverance are needed for success in the field. If you have a passion for video games and voice performance, and truly want to pursue this as a career, it is possible to achieve success. As long as you stick with your goal and systematically build your skills and network, a breakthrough will eventually happen.

Take acting classes. Without any actual acting chops, it is very difficult to make it as a voice actor. Take seminars, workshops, or if you're really serious, enroll in a full time conservatory or university training program to learn the basics of being an actor.

Play video games. Play games made by a variety of different companies and in different genres. Get a feel for what producers are looking for when casting game voices.

Hire a producer with experience in making video game demos for voice actors. Ask one of your acting teachers with voice experience to refer you to a producer. Do not try to produce your demo by yourself. Avoid working with a producer who only has experience in making commercial demos. You want a game-specific demo that is suited to the current demands of the genre.

Submit your demo to agents who represent voice-over talent. A good way to find agents who represent this kind of talent is through's Voice Registry for agent listings in your area.

Promote yourself directly to studios that produce work for video games in your area. These studios often don't advertise and may be difficult to find on your own. The more voice-over classes you take and the more people in the industry you meet, the more likely you'll find out about these types of studios.


In order to break into video games, you need to network with professionals from the voice and video game industries. Voice acting workshops are the best place to meet voice-over professionals, especially if you live in New York or L.A. To meet video game industry insiders, visit gaming conventions and events such as E3.