How to Make a Perfect Warrior in Oblivion

By C.A. Rubino

Updated September 22, 2017

The flash of a sword and the clang of a shield, nothing embodies the fantasy genre better than a warrior going toe-to-toe with a monster with nothing but the armor on his back and the steel in his hand. “The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion” brings that genre to life in many ways. The game is huge and allows you to create your own hero, learning and developing a range of skills as you advance. In order to become the perfect melee warrior in the game, you must make the correct choices during character creation, develop the proper skills and focus on strong melee tactics.

Choose the right race for the job. Unfortunately, in “Oblivion” not all races are created equal and some have a distinct advantage in certain roles. Choose a race that suits a front line combat role the best. The three races that work best for this are the Orc, the Nord and the Redguard. The Nord and the Redguard both have better starting attributes while the Orc has much better starting skill bonuses. The Redguard and the Orc also have access to a once a day stat boosting ability that can turn you into a killing machine for a short amount of time. There is no wrong choice when picking as all three of those races make perfect melee warriors. Pick a male character as they have better starting attributes for front line combat.

Select the warrior birth sign. The birth signs all offer different bonuses or abilities, some of which are of little to no use to a warrior. The best choice for a melee fighter the warrior birth sign, giving strong bonuses to combat attributes.

Pick melee oriented skills for your major skills. The combat should include heavy armor and the block skill for defense and either blade or blunt for the offense. Choosing both blade and blunt for a major skill will slow down learning and development as you will be splitting time between them, pick which you would rather use and make that the major skill. Select armorer in order to maintain your weapons and armor after battle, and alchemy for its many uses throughout the game, including healing and poisons. The last two skills are up to you, pick ones that will help serve a purpose such as opening locks with security or mercantile for bartering.

Adjust your tactics based on the enemy you are fighting. Many melee warriors will have the inclination to go after every enemy hard and fast. This can lead to trouble against certain foes. Weaker enemies such as goblins maneuver a lot, press them hard and use your block skill. Keep close to prevent them from jumping out of range. Strong heavy hitting enemies such as ogres need a deft touch. Watch for their attacks and dodge out of reach when they begin to strike. Don’t try to block the heavy hits as you and your equipment will take heavy damage. Use quick strikes in order to stay on your toes.