Traditional Romanian Games

By Bayard Tarpley

Updated September 22, 2017

Romanian children play games just like American children.
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Romanian children play games just like children everywhere else in the world. In fact, some of these games are very similar to the games played in other countries. Romanian children have multiple versions of hide-and-seek, for example.

Water and Fire

"Water and Fire" is the name of one popular game in Romania. It is very similar to the American game, "Hot and Cold." One player leaves the room. When he has left, the other players hide an object. The seeker returns to the room to find the object guided only by clues from other players such as "fire" if he is close, or "water" if he is farther away.


This game requires a large group of children. An angel, a devil, and a gardener are selected. The angel and devil move away from the main group and the gardener gives the other children the names of flowers. The angel arrives and asks for a specific flower. If one of the children is named for that flower, he must leave with the angel; otherwise, the angel leaves alone. Then, it's the devil's turn to ask for a certain flower. The winner is the player with the most flowers.

The Blind Old Woman

In this game, a child is blindfolded. The other players form a circle around her. This player must try to recognize the other players by touching them. Players who are recognized must join her in the center of the circle, and the game continues.

Little Rabbits

This game is similar to "Musical Chairs" in the U.S. The children sit on chairs or other objects in a circle. One person is in the center. This person recites a poem and when finished, everyone trades places to find another seat. The person who is left without a seat must go to the center to recite a poem.