How to Stop Rumors on "Sims 3"

By Marie Clay

Updated September 22, 2017

i Michal Czerwonka/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Multiple expansion packs have added features, worlds, items and locations to "Sims 3" since the game's release. Your Sim may be subject to the paparazzi in "Sims 3: Late Night." Exposure is sometimes a good thing, but as your Sim advances he or she may be the subject of false accusations by the paparazzi. No matter what the rumor is or if it is true or false, you can stop rumors from spreading.

Go to the Business Center and select the option to pay off the paparazzi. This option is quick and reliable if you have money. The charge varies but rarely goes above $3,000.

Go to the Town Hall and select the option to sue the paparazzi for slander. You will be required to pay legal fees. The fees vary and if you lose the case, your money is gone. You will get your money back and be compensated by the paparazzi if you win the case.

Blame someone else. Go to the Business Center and select the option to deflect accusations. Blaming someone else will potentially take the heat off your Sim for a while, whether you are guilty or not. This option costs no money but may change your standing with other Sims.

Stay at home. The rumors will be forgotten and life will be back to normal if your Sim stays in his home for three in-game days. This option requires no money but keeps your Sim confined.


Each option has benefits and drawbacks. Choose the option that best suits your Sim's needs.


Suing is risky -- whatever the court decides is final and is not always fair or true. You could be found guilty and lose your money even if you are innocent, though you could still win a case and gain money if you are guilty.

Blaming someone else will lower your Sim's popularity and potentially cause you to lose friends. Nobody likes playing the blame game, not even Sims.