How to Convert Any Photo Into a Blueprint

By Valerie Berta

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Photo software package

  • Digital photo

Converting a photo into a blueprint can be done in several easy steps.
i Images

Whether it is a cherished picture of your home or a photo you took that turned out stunning, you may want to convert it into a blueprint for an interesting effect. One of the most well-known and used photo-enhancing software programs, Photoshop, lets you change your photos with many textures and effects.

Open Photoshop, then open the photo you will working with by clicking "File" then "Open" and selecting the image from your files.

Click on "Layer" and choose "New", then "New Layer via Copy" to create a copy of the image to work with. Make sure you have this layer active by clicking on it.

Go to "Mode", then choose "Grayscale". This will make your photo black and white.

Click on "Mode" again then select "Duotone". A dialog window will appear where you will click on the black color box and choose the blue you want, then adjust the curve by dragging down on the bottom left part and dragging up on the upper right part.

Go to "Image" and choose "Adjustments", then "Curves", and adjust to your wishes.


There are more elaborate ways to turn a photo into a blueprint but they require that you select an image with sharply defined edges, such as an architectural photo.