How to Get Max FPS on "Minecraft"

By Elizabeth Olson

Updated September 22, 2017

Maximizing FPS rates allows game graphics to render smoothly.
i Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

"Minecraft" is a popular independently-developed PC sandbox game currently in its beta phase. "Minecraft" combines sandbox building, crafting and combat elements in a 3D block-based world. Despite its simple graphics, "Minecraft" is a resource-intensive game, and players with low frames per second (FPS) rates may experience choppy animation and have difficulty interacting with game objects. Fortunately, there are several steps players can take to maximize FPS rates for smooth rendering and game play.

Turn down your render distance. Press the Escape key to bring up the "Options" menu in the game. Click the button marked "Render Distance" to change the setting. Click the button until it displays the text "Render Distance: Tiny."

Turn down your graphics setting. In the same "Options" menu, click the button labeled "Graphics" to change the setting from "Fancy" to "Fast." This will lower the quality of the graphics and allow them to render more quickly.

Close other programs. Having other programs running in the background can significantly impact your FPS rates. Exit any unnecessary programs to free up additional system resources.

Turn off anti-aliasing. Check your video card drivers and make sure that the anti-aliasing option is disabled in the global settings.