How to Cover Up a Crack on Your Phone

By Alice Godfrey

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Cell phone cover

  • Newspaper

  • Clear liquid cement, fast-acting

  • Lens tissue

  • Bath towel

  • Rhinestones

One of the hazards of carrying around a cell phone is that the plastic shell can get cracked by inadvertently scraping against the keys in your pocket, falling to the floor or being struck by a hard edge of an object. A number of strategies will cover up the crack; some require supplies from a hobby or crafts store. These methods will also keep dirt out of the crack and protect the phone so that the crack doesn't get worse as you continue to use it.

Wipe both sides of the cell phone, including the left and right edges and the top and bottom, with a soft cloth to remove dust and other loose contaminants. Place the cell phone inside a cell phone cover that covers everything but the phone’s screen. Check that the cell phone cover's fit is tight and completely covers up the crack that is on it.

Place a sheet of newspaper on a table. Place the cell phone on the newspaper so that the cracked area is facing up or is accessible, if on the phone’s side. Apply the tip of a tube of fast-acting clear liquid cement along the inside length of the crack. Repeat this until the crack is filled with the cement. Wipe the surface of the crack even with the tissue. Let the cement set for a full day before using the phone again.

Place a bath towel on a table. Place the cell phone on the towel with the crack facing you. Apply a bead of clear liquid cement at one side of the crack. Apply additional beads of the cement along the length of the crack until you reach the other side. Place the back of a rhinestone on each of the beads of cement. Press down on the rhinestones to adhere them to the phone. Let the cement set overnight before using the phone again.


Cover the phone's screen with wax paper to protect it from the glue.


The cell phone cover must be made to work with the specific cell phone that has the crack on it.