How to Connect Separated Notes in Melodyne

by Seamus IslwynUpdated September 22, 2017
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Celemony's Melodyne software allows you to alter the pitch and length of notes in recorded digital audio. Using this program, you can raise or lower the pitch of an individual note while leaving the rest of the recording unaltered; you can also connect notes together by removing the markers that separate them. Melodyne uses either of two algorithms to analyze audio: melodic and polyphonic. Use the melodic algorithm for audio containing only one instrument; use the polyphonic algorithm for multiple-part recordings.

Launch Melodyne. Click "File," then "Open." Navigate to and double-click the audio file you want to work with.

Click "Algorithm," then select either "Melodic" or "Polyphonic," depending on the audio.

Click the "View" menu, then click "Show Note Separations." Melodyne displays the separations between notes as vertical lines.

Move the cursor over the line separating the two notes you want to connect. The cursor changes to the Note Separation Tool.

Double-click the note separator to remove it and connect the two separated notes. Repeat the process for any other notes that you want to connect. Click "File," then "Save" to save the altered audio.


To undo an inadvertent connection, press "Ctrl" and "Z" simultaneously.


Always back up recorded audio before altering it.


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