How Do I Get Kaiser Knuckles in "FF13"?

By Jess Kroll

Updated September 22, 2017

For players of the "Final Fantasy" (FF) game series, collecting or creating the best items through the games' ever-changing but always intricate mechanics are a pursuit bordering on obsessive. The best items are always the most difficult to obtain, typically requiring a combination of defeating strong enemies and collecting rare items. "Final Fantasy XIII," for the PlayStation 360 and Xbox 360, uses a combination of gaining item experience and transforming items to strength characters. One of the strongest items, the "Kaiser Knuckles" (a name which has appeared in numerous FF games), are only obtainable by transforming other items.

Obtain a "Power Glove." This can either be found as a treasure in Eden (Edenhall) during Chapter 12 or through transformation of the "Warrior's Wristband," which can be purchased at the B&W Outfitters. Once the Warrior's Wristband has reached its Star Level, Level 11, it is transformed to a level 9 Power Glove using the "Scarletite" item as a catalyst.

Level the Power Glove to its Star Level, also 11. Star Level means that the item can no longer be leveled up and can be upgraded into a different and superior item. In this case, the Power Glove becomes the Kaiser Knuckle.

Obtain the catalyst "Dark Matter" from Shao Long and Long Gui in Pulse. These two enemies replace the Ademantortoises and Ademanchelids in Pulse after Mission 63 and completing the missions in the Circle. The Dark Matter is a rare drop with only a 5 percent rate, meaning a 1 in 20 chance, of appearing when the enemies are defeated.

Transform the leveled-up Power Glove using the Dark Matter has the catalyst. This transformation results in a Kaiser Knuckle, the highest of the strength enhancing items in the game.

Kaiser Knuckles can also be leveled up to 11, at which point they give a +300 bonus to the character's strength. They can't be upgraded beyond that.


Kaiser Knuckles are the end of a transformation chain which begins with the Power Wristband, then Brawler's Wristband, Warrior's Wristband, Power Glove and final Kaiser Knuckles. While the above method begins with the Power Glove as the nearest obtainable predecessor, it is possible to begin building toward the Kaiser Knuckles from very early in the game.