How to Use a Controller With ePSXe

By Sara Bailey

Updated September 28, 2017

EPSXe is a computer program that allows you to play Sony PlayStation games from your computer. By default, ePSXe is setup to use the computer's keyboard as the game controller. You can, however, use a USB game controller to play the PlayStation games using ePSXe. This will give you a more official feel when playing PlayStation games from a computer.

Plug the USB controller into an open USB port on the computer. Open ePSXe on the computer and click the "Config" button on the topline menu of the main ePSXe window.

Click the "Game pad" option from the small menu that comes up. Click "Port 1" and then "Pad 1" to open the controller options for ePSXe. A picture of a PlayStation controller is shown on the screen.

Click each button on the controller image and click the corresponding button on the USB controller. When you press the button on the USB controller, that particular button will now be used to activate whichever button you pressed on the controller picture.

Continue through all of the controls until you have assigned each button on the image to a unique button on the USB controller.

Single-click the "OK" button on the bottom of the game pad to save the new controller settings for ePSXe. The next time you start a game, you can use the USB controller to control the game.