How to Have a Sleepover on Sims 3

By Racheal Ambrose

Updated September 22, 2017

Maintaining friendships is vital for any Sim pursuing a career. One way to keep friendships strong is to invite people over for a sleepover. When a Sim stays the night, he uses whatever he wants to in the house. For Sims with less than desirable tendencies, like kleptomania or clumsiness, sleepovers cause problems. Spending time with the guests aids in building friendships as long as no arguments occur. By keeping guests happy, expect the friendship levels to increase.

Click on a house in the neighborhood screen to choose who you want to play. Once in the house, click on the Sim you wish to have the sleepover.

Click on the Sim's social tab. Look for the friends with the highest friendship levels. Call or invite them over to visit.

Greet the friends as the arrive on the property. Start a conversation with each one. Do activities like tell jokes or play games for a couple of minutes. Ask the guests how they are feeling. Sims in a bad mood won't stay overnight.

Click on the visiting Sim. Click on the asking option and invite him to spend the night. Invite others the same way. The Sims accept or decline based on mood and relationship status.

Enter the buy mode. Purchase enough beds for each person. If there is a romantic relationship between two adult Sims, they sleep in the same bed.

Cook food for everyone or use the phone to order delivery. To cook, click on a refrigerator and select a meal to cook. The type of food available depends on skill level. Sims better at cooking have access to better dishes. Keeping food available prevents the Sims from leaving due to hunger.

Interact with the Sims. Having chess tables and other group activities encourages socialization. While you do not need to spend the entire night talking to the guests, you should pay attention to them. The guests go to bed when they are tired.

Keep the house clean. Pick up any trash and mop up spills. This helps keep Sims happier.

Provide breakfast in the morning. Cook the food for the guests to eat before they leave.