How to Make a "My Sims" Character Online

by Stephen LilleyUpdated September 22, 2017

"MySims" is an online component associated with the popular computer video game series "The Sims." Specifically, "MySims" allows you to create an online virtual character using a series of tools embedded within the website. You can create this character modeled after the way you look in real life or experiment and see what looks your imagination can come up with. This service is free.

Open your Web browser and visit the MySims website (

Click the blue "Creation Station" button at the top of the site.

Use the boxes and arrows on screen to create your online Sim character. Select hair color, skin tone, hair style and face type. You can also choose what types of clothing your Sim wears and whether or not he wears glasses.

Click "Save." If you have previously signed up for a MySims account, click the "Log In" option to log into your account and save your Sim. If you haven't signed up, select the "Get a Free Account" option. Fill out the boxes on screen with your personal information, including your email address. When your account is completed, you will automatically be logged in and your Sim will be saved.


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