How to Add Gmail to a Desktop

by Steve GregoryUpdated September 28, 2017
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Instead of keeping a browser window open to check if you have new messages in your Gmail account, you can install a Gmail gadget that lets you access your account directly from your desktop. Once the gadget is installed, you will have real time access to your Gmail account. However, before you can use the Gmail gadget, you must install the Google Desktop application. Google Desktop links directly to your Google and Gmail accounts.

Launch a Web browser, and then navigate to the Google Desktop Download page.

Click the "Install Google Desktop" button, and then save the file to your hard drive.

Double-click the Google Desktop file, and then follow the prompts from the wizard to install the application. Google Desktop automatically starts when the installation is complete.

Click the "+" button at the top of the sidebar. The "Add Gadgets" window opens.

Type "Gmail" into the search bar at the top-right corner of the window. The Gmail gadget is displayed in the results list.

Click the "Add" button next to the Gmail gadget. The Gmail gadget appears in the Google Desktop sidebar.


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