How to Auto Walk in "World of Warcraft"

By Morgon Luvall Newquist

Updated September 22, 2017

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Azeroth is a vast and expansive world and part of playing "World of Warcraft" is traveling across it to complete quests and discover new zones. Traveling can be time consuming and boring if players have hold down keys constantly. Thankfully there are auto movement options in the game. Auto Walk and Auto Run are very useful, as they allow your character to keep moving without having to hold down keys. Learning to do both Auto Walk and Auto Run is very simple and can make your gaming experience more pleasurable.

Press the Numlock key. It is usually located on the separate number pad on the upper right-hand side of a standard keyboard. Laptops sometimes have the key as well, but it might require you to press the function button first, which often doesn't work in-game.

Press the "/" key on the number pad to change your character’s movement speed to walking. Your character will move at approximately 1/3rd run speed. Press the "/" key again to swap your character back to running.

Steer your character while moving. The character will keep moving in the direction they’re pointing until you make them stop. You can press the left or right arrow keys or the strafing keys to move your character without halting auto run.

Press "numlock" again or the up or down arrow keys to stop your character’s auto movement.


Characters automatically run in World of Warcraft, so if all you want is to make them keep moving on their own, press the "numlock" key.

You can go into the game's settings and reassign the auto-walk feature to another key so it is easily accessible if you don’t have a "numlock" key on your laptop keyboard.


Beware of leaving characters on auto movement and stepping away from the game. Many characters have run into mobs or off cliffs while the player is not watching.