The Best Items for Raichu

By Wes Walcott

Updated September 22, 2017

In the Pokemon games, Raichu is the electric-type Pokemon that is the evolved form of the iconic Pikachu. By making Raichu hold a specific item -- such as Scope Lens or Zap Plate -- players can boost the stats of Raichu or make its moves much more effective in battle.

Zap Plate

A Zap Plate is an item that can be given to a Pokemon to hold. It is a stone tablet that increases the power of electric-type moves. Since Raichu is an electric Pokemon that can learn many electric-type moves, making it hold a Zap Plate can greatly increase its effectiveness in battle.

Silk Scarf

In addition to electric-type moves, Raichu can learn a lot of normal-type moves. Making Raichu hold a Silk Scarf will boost the power of all normal-type moves.

Shell Bell

Shell Bell is an item that restores a little bit of health to a Pokemon whenever it deals damage to another Pokemon. Since Raichu has a relatively low base defense stat, making it hold a Shell Bell can allow it to take more damage and last longer in battle.

Scope Lens

In Pokemon battles, if you use an attack move that lands a critical hit, it will inflict more damage than normal. Making Raichu hold the Scope Lens will make it more effective in battle, because the Scope Lens increases the chances of landing a critical hit.

Razor Fang

In Pokemon, certain attack moves have the added effect of making the foes they are used on flinch. Whenever a Pokemon flinches, it loses its turn to attack. When Raichu is holding a Razor Fang, all of its damage-dealing moves have the potential to make Pokemon flinch.


The Magnet is an item that is pretty much identical to the Zap Plate. Make Raichu hold the Magnet to increase the power of its electric-type moves.

Light Ball

Light Ball is an item that increases that special attack stat of Pikachu. However, when Raichu holds a Light Ball and is then used to breed a Pichu, the resulting Pichu will be born with the electric-type move Volt Tackle.