How to Make a "Spore" Account

By Andrew Cowie

Updated September 22, 2017

Part of the fun of any game is customizing your information, and in "Spore" it will take a few steps so you can get your own personalized name and account. Starting an account with an Electronic Arts game can take a few extra steps since you have to sign up for their online service as well. While the process won't be difficult, it will take a little bit of shuffling back and forth between your email and the EA website.

Create an EA Account. Go to the EA Games website at Click the "Sign Up" link under the Origin banner on the top-right side of the page. Enter your email in the box that says "Enter your email address," then hit the "Next" button.

Fill in the empty text boxes. Pick what Origin ID name and password you want to have. List your birthday and your country of residence. Enter the letters you see in the "Prove You're Human" box and click the box beside the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service option. Select "Next."

Check your email to see if the "Please verify your email address" message was received. Click on the link in the email to verify your email address.

Go back to your email and open the "Welcome to Origin" email. Open the link under "Accessing Your Account" to sign in using your email and password to finalize setting up your account.

Sign in to "Spore" and when prompted enter your EA/Origin information, which will be your email and password. Enter your desired "Spore" screen name and the rest of your personal information to finalize making your "Spore" account


You can also create an EA/Origin account directly through the "Spore" game, but you'll have to leave the game to check your email.

If you have a pre-Origin-based EA account, you will not have to create a new one.


Your Origin password has to have 8-16 characters, and have at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter and a number.