How to Lift Your Sim's Mood Meter

By Annie Carter

Updated September 22, 2017

In the game “The Sims 3” your Sims experience moods based on if they achieve their wants and desires as well as what happens to them throughout their day. If they should experience anything, such as the loss of a job or their house catching fire, then their moods will drop dramatically. However, several things will help bring your Sim’s mood back up to a more positive level.

Achieve as many wants and wishes that the Sim desires. Every time a want or a wish is completed, their mood increases. Wants can include having a baby, getting a job in a certain field, getting a raise and cooking a perfect meal.

Fulfill their needs. Every Sim has needs that need fulfilled to remain happy. Needs include sleep, food, hygiene, bathroom breaks, entertainment and social. The needs meter goes down throughout the day and if a need gets too low the Sim's mood will suffer.

Perform your Sim’s favorite activity. If she really enjoys being outdoors, have her go fishing or do some gardening. If he is an intellectual Sim, have him play chess or read a book. Children and teens could hang out with friends or play at the park to improve their mood.

If all else fails, use the cheat “Make all Happy.” Bring up the cheat bar by pressing the keys “Ctrl+Alt+C” and typing in “testingcheatsenabled true” into the box. Once the cheat is enabled, click the mailbox while pressing the "Shift" key. A menu of options will appear, click on “Make All Happy.” After a moment of hesitation, the happiness meter of everyone in that household will be full.