How to Tag Yourself in a Video on Facebook

By Lara Webster

Updated September 28, 2017

Facebook videos are limited to 20 minutes.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Facebook videos provide an easy way to share short clips of your most recent party or vacation. Best of all, when you tag a friend in the video, he gets a copy of it on his profile, making sharing your videos easy. If you spot yourself in the video of another Facebook member, tag yourself so that it shows up on your own profile. You can tag yourself in any video for which you have viewing permissions by its owner.

Point your browser to the Facebook video you want to be tagged in. A video is accessible via the profile of the person who uploaded it by clicking "Videos" under her profile picture. Alternatively, click on the "Photos" link in the left column of your home page, and then click "Video" to see your friends' most recently uploaded videos.

Click on the thumbnail image of a video to open the full-size version.

Click the "Tag This Video" link under the video, located in the right column of the page.

Enter your first and last name in the "Type a Name" field. Facebook generates a list of matches as you begin to type. Choose your name when it appears by clicking it once.

Select "Done Tagging" to save the tag.