How Do I Get My Emerson TV to Work With Video Games Without the Remote?

by Andrew SmithUpdated September 22, 2017

Video game systems such as the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are compatible with a variety of Emerson television sets. Unlike older consoles, current gaming systems are not played on such televisions by changing that TV's channel to either 3 or 4. Instead, you must navigate to an “Input Setting” channel on the TV. Accessing the right channel on the Emerson TV is possible even if the TV's remote, which has an “Input” button that allows you to easily find the right station, is currently missing.

Channel Button

Connect the video game console to the television via the console's connector or HD cable and the Emerson television's AV ports or HDMI ports. The exact method varies per gaming console and the cords you possess.

Turn the gaming console and television set on.

Press the "Channel Down" button on the bottom or side of the Emerson TV set until you get to the lowest channel. Then, press “Channel Down” once more. A different “Input” or “Input Setting” channel, such as “AV1,” appears on the TV screen.

Cycle through the different “Input Setting” channels by pressing the “Channel Down” button until you see the main menu screen for the video game. Then, stop pressing the button. This is the channel used for video games on that particular Emerson TV.

Input Button

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 from Section 1.

Press the “Input” or “Input Setting” button on the bottom or side of the Emerson TV. A menu appears on the TV screen.

Press either the “Channel Down” or “Input/Input Setting” button on the remote to cycle to the next Input channel. Continue doing so until you see the main menu screen for the video game. Once you find the right channel, stop pressing the button on the TV.


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