How Do I Unlock Colossus Boulevard on "Wizard101"?

By K.J. Holmes

Updated September 22, 2017

In the online game, "Wizard 101," you create, control and adventure as a wizard through Wizard City and its intricate streets. During the course of the game, it is possible to obtain quests for streets that haven't been unlocked yet. Colossus Boulevard is an area that can only be reached once you have finished a specific set of quests/streets. This guide will detail which quests you must finish (by defeating bosses) to obtain the letter/key for Colossus Boulevard.

Defeat the Harvest Lord, the Kraken and Sergeant Skullsplitter (all of whom are located in Triton Avenue).

Complete Cyclops Lane by defeating General Akilles and Eyus Maximus.

Vanquish all enemies located in Firecat Alley (Melweena Smite, Bastila Gravewynd, Alicane Swiftarrow and/or Wormguts).

Venture to Olde Town and defeat Foulgaze in the field of battle.

Obtain 750 crowns or purchase a game membership. Without one of the two, you cannot enter Colossus Boulevard.

Speak to Merle and he will send you on a quest to find Private O'Doyle. The private has the key to Colossus Boulevard.


Ensure you are at least Level 11 or Level 12 before attempting to fight the enemies in Colossus Boulevard. Utilize elemental types of spells for defeating the bosses along the way to Colossus Boulevard. Each boss is a different element type and thus is weak to a different element type (for example, the Harvest Lord is a fire-type boss).