Lego Pharaohs: "Curse of the Pharaoh" Cheats

By John Vann

Updated September 22, 2017

“Lego: Curse of the Pharaoh” is a Flash-based game based on the building blocks-themed set of “Pharaoh’s Quest.” The game, a side-scrolling shooter, centers on an archaeological journey to end the ancient pharaoh’s curse. “Lego: Curse of the Pharaoh” features six campaign levels, the first two of which are unlocked by default. The remaining levels must either be unlocked through regular gameplay or by using one of the game’s cheat codes, which are entered in the "Codes" section of the Main Menu screen.

Campaign 3

Enter the password “cobra” to unlock the game’s third campaign.

Campaign 4

Use the password “d1am0nd” to access the game’s fourth campaign.

Campaign 5

Unlock the game’s fifth campaign with the password “sph1nx.”

Campaign 6

Unlock the game’s sixth and final campaign with the password “sc0rp10n.”