How to Get Antares VST to Mixcraft

By Simon Foden

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PC with Windows, Vista or XP

  • Minimum 2GB RAM

  • Minimum 1Ghz central processing unit, or "CPU"

Emulate the quirky vocals of T-Pain with Antares' Auto-tune VST.
i Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“VST” stands for “virtual studio technology,” a universal interface for software instruments and effects. Antares is best-known for its Auto-tune VST plug-in, a pitch-correction tool that is frequently “abused” to creative effect. “Believe” by Cher and most of T-Pain’s output feature Auto-tune, with the parameters set to extremes to create a distinctive “wobble.” Mixcraft is an audio-production program. You can integrate any Antares VST into Mixcraft to take advantage of their range of software effects and tools. If you want to “try before you buy,” Antares offers a free demo version of most VST tools.

Full Version

Visit and click the “Online Store” link. This takes you to a download page.

Type “1” under “QTY” to indicate that you want a single download. Select your desired program from the “Product” drop-down menu, for example “Harmony EFX.”

Click “Add To Cart.” Enter your payment details and valid email address when prompted and click “Download.” When prompted, select a convenient download location. Some browsers, such as Firefox, don’t offer a choice for download location. Instead the file is automatically saved in a temporary “Downloads” folder. Once downloaded, right-click on the VST download in the “Downloads” folder and select “Open in containing folder.” Once this folder opens, drag the VST folder to your desktop.

Demo Version

Visit the Antares product download page, and select your preferred VST plug-in. For example, “Auto-tune 7” or “Mic Mod.”

Hover the cursor over “Downloads” and click “Product Demo Version.” Enter a valid email address when prompted and select your program from the drop-down menu under “Select A Product.”

Click “Computer Platform” and select the relevant option, for example “PC - Vista.” Mixcraft is a PC only program. Click “Format” and select “VST.” Selecting it as a VST makes it compatible with Mixcraft.

Click “Save File.” Save the file in a convenient location on your computer, preferably the desktop.

Mixcraft Integration

Open Mixcraft. Click on the desktop icon for the version you use, for example Mixcraft 5. It may take a few seconds for Mixcraft to open.

Click “Effects” and select “Preferences.” This navigates you through to a directory of VST folders currently integrated with your Mixcraft program. Minimize the Mixcraft window, so you can see your desktop.

Open the folder containing the Antares VST download. Click on the downloaded VST folder and drag it into the Mixcraft VST folder directory. It may take a few seconds for of the files to fully transfer into Mixcraft.