Career Rewards Cheats for "The Sims 3"

By K.C. Moore

Updated September 22, 2017

Finding a job and earning promotions are important game aspects in "The Sims 3", and Sims with good job performances often earn special career rewards. Earning a promotion in "The Sims 3" requires your Sim to build skill levels related to that job, make social connections and go to work in a good mood. However, if you don't want to put in the effort, you can always cheat your way to the top.

Unlocking Career Reward Cheats

To use the career reward cheats, you must first turn on testing cheats mode. Bring up the command console by holding down the Shift key, Ctrl and the letter C. Click on the box that appears, and type the phrase "testingcheatsenabled true". With the testing cheats enabled, hold down the Shift button and click on the building where your Sim works or your Sim's mailbox to unlock different career cheats. When you are done with the cheats, type "testingcheatsenabled false" into the command console to turn off testing cheats.

Career Reward Cheats

Shift-clicking on your Sim's job location gives you the option to instantly gain a work-related event or opportunity. You will have no control over which event you receive, but it will favor your Sim with a cash bonus, a boost to job performance or both. Shift-clicking on the mailbox brings up a menu allowing your Sim to pick a new career and immediately start that career at whatever level he desires. Starting a career at a higher level unlocks the job perks associated with that level, such as career clothing and vehicles.

Reward Cheats for Expansion Pack Careers

"The Sims 3: Ambitions" expansion pack features new career choices and a different set of career reward cheats. Some careers do not have an associated building, such as firefighter and novel writer. Instead, shift-click on a residential lot to unlock career events and opportunities for careers like a firefighter and your own house for careers like novel writer. With the testing cheats enabled, you can also raise your level of professional experience by dragging the experience bar in your Sim's career menu.

Limitations and Exceptions

Although career cheats allow you to rack up multiple career rewards and opportunities, there are some career areas where cheats are unable to help. You will not be able to unlock any career opportunities or events that help build your skill levels such as logic or body. Likewise, using this cheat will not reward you with rare career awards, such as the Omni-plant. However, using career cheats to boost your job performance will increase the chance of these events happening naturally in the game.