The Easiest Way to Catch a Pikachu on "Pokemon Sapphire"

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

Pikachu is a yellow, Electric-type Pokemon from the Nintendo franchise. It is one of the most recognizable Pokemon due to its starring role in the animated Pokemon series and its use a as a mascot for the brand. In the Gameboy Advance game "Pokemon Sapphire," players can catch a Pikachu in the Safari Zone, but it costs Pokemon Dollars and there is no guarantee they'll land one. There are, however, a few steps players can take to make it easier.

Play until you have 500 credits. Travel to Lilycove City and follow Route 121 until you reach the Safari Zone. Enter the zone and save your game. It cost 500 credits to catch Pokemon and you only have a limited amount of steps and Safari Balls. Saving the game allows you load the game again if you strike out finding a Pikachu on your first attempt.

Speak to the clerk and pay 500 credits to receive your Safari Balls and entrance to the catching areas.

Walk to the first area with grass in the southeast or southwest part of the park. Stand in one place and tap "Left," "Right," "Up," and "Down" to rotate your character. As long as you only tap the buttons and don't hold them down, your character won't take any steps and nothing will be deducted from your limit of 500.

Continue rotating your character until a random encounter occurs. If it is a Pikachu, throw your Safari Ball at it for a easy catch.

Exit the park and save your game as soon as you have caught a Pikachu. If you run out of Safari Balls before you get a Pikachu. reload your saved game and try again. This is easier than having to come up with another 500 credits to pay the entry fee a second time.


If you have the Acro Bike, open your inventory and select it. While standing in the grass, press the "B" button to hop with it. This will also trigger random encounters without using up any of your steps.