How to View Your FPS

By Alex Ramirez

Updated September 22, 2017

Frames per second, or FPS, is the rate at which your computer is currently displaying graphical frames (similar to the concept of frames of video, only applied to everything shown on your monitor). The higher your FPS, the smoother and more seamless your screen display will appear. FPS is very important in video gaming. A computer with less capable hardware, whether processor, RAM or video card, can output "laggy" video display, exhibiting low FPS. To see one measurement of how well your computer is running a particular game, you can use FraPS, a computer program, to view your current FPS while running that game.

Download and install FraPS, a program that automatically checks your FPS and displays it on your screen in-game.

Open FraPS.

Click the "FPS" tab from the top toolbar.

Click the "FPS" check box under "Benchmark Settings." This will cause your frames per second to display in-game.

Click on the corner in which you want the counter to display, in the "Overlay Corner" panel.

Press the "Benchmarking Hotkey" and the "Overlay Hotkey" — the F11 and F12 keys, respectively — to display your computer's frames per seconds. The counter will be displayed in any program, including video games.


You can change the button that makes the FPS counter appear by changing the "Overlay Hotkey" setting.