How to Remove Duplicates in Adobe Bridge

By Robert Godard

Updated September 28, 2017

Use Adobe Bridge to organize your images and make your life easier
i Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Adobe Bridge CS5 is an organizational tool that is bundled with Adobe Creative Suite to help organize images on your computer. It can be used in conjunction with any number of Adobe software, or as a stand-alone organizer. Though it does not sort automatically through duplicate images, the tools available on Adobe Bridge can be used to search for duplicate images and delete them much quicker than doing so manually.

Open Adobe Bridge. On the left panel, select which folder you would like to remove duplicates from. In the main window click on one of the images, select "Edit" from the top menu and "Select All."

Click "Tools," "Batch Rename," which will open the rename window. Under "New Filename" select "Date/Time." Select "MMDDYYYY" from the drop-down menu. Underneath this, select "Date/Time," "HHMMSS."

Select "Metadata" as your final New filename rename field. Select "Resolution" from the drop-down menu to the right. Click "Rename." This will rename all of your files and organize them according to the date they were created and file resolution. Duplicate images that were created at the same time will be placed next to one another.

Select "Edit," "Find." Under the "Contains" menu enter "(1)" and hit "Find." This will display all duplicate photos that are at a lower resolution than the original. Now you can select "Edit," "Select All." Right-click on one of the images and select "Move to Trash." This will delete your duplicate photos.

Repeat Step 4 if there are still duplicates. This time in the "Find" text box enter "(2)", "(3)", etc. if you still have some duplicates remaining.


Back up your files to an external drive before beginning this process.