How to Program a One for All URC 3220 Remote

By Mandy Slake

Updated September 28, 2017

Remote controls seem to multiply under the living room couch. Every time you turn around, there's another one. You can cut down on the amount of remote juggling by switching to a universal remote. The One for All Universal Replacement Remote 3220 allows users to control multiple devices, and has large shaped buttons that make it easy to use by feel alone.

Find the programing code for the device's manufacturer in the remote manual.

Turn on the device you are programming the URC 3220 remote to control.

Press the "TV" "DVD/VCR" or "CBL/SAT" button on the remote.

Press and hold the "SET" button until the red LED blinks two times.

Release the "SET" button and type the manufacturer's code. The LED will blink twice to confirm the entry.

Point the URC 3220 at the device and press the "POWER" key. If the device turns off, the code worked. If not, repeat Steps Three through Five using the next code on the list.


If none of the codes for your device's manufacturer work, try searching for the code. Repeat the programming steps, and enter the code "991." Alternate between pressing "POWER" and the device key until the device turns off. Then press the "SET" key.