How to Make a Flowchart in Pages

by Allen BreonUpdated September 28, 2017
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Flowcharts are an excellent way to graphically communicate an idea or concept. Use a flowchart to show the subtle connections between your ideas, or define the organization of your company. Apple’s Pages software does not contain an automatic flowchart tool, but you can easily use the included shape tools to create a flowchart. Before you begin, make sure you think through the hierarchy of how the concepts are related.

Open the Pages program and create a new “Page Layout” document. Make sure you do not select a “Word Processing” document. Select the landscape page orientation, if it is better suited to your flowchart.

Click on the “Shapes” tool in the main toolbar and slide to the box shape and click.

Click on the green box that appears in your document and enter your text. If you wish to change the text formatting, select your text by clicking and dragging over it, and change the format in the formatting toolbar.

Click on the “Inspector” icon in the main toolbar to turn on the Inspector window, if it is not already open.

Click on the image of the square and the circle in the Inspector window, known as the “Graphic Inspector” button.

Locate the green box under the “Color Fill” drop-down in the Graphic Inspector. Click on the box to change the color of the fill of your shape. If you wish to change the border of the box, change the “Stroke” settings, also in the Graphic Inspector. Scale your box by pressing on the edge and dragging in to change the size, if necessary.

Select the text box by clicking on the border. Then, click on “Edit” in the menu bar and slide to “Duplicate.”

Move the new text box to the proper location in your flowchart by clicking and dragging on the border. Double-click inside of it to highlight the text within, and then enter the new text for this box. Continue to duplicate and edit the boxes until you have created all the boxes you will need for your chart.

Hold down on the “Shift” key and click on the borders of boxes you would like to connect. Click on “Insert” in the menu bar and select “Connection Line.” Continue to create the connection lines until your chart looks as you intended.


If you need to move your boxes after the lines are created, the lines will stay intact.


If you run out of room on your page, you will probably need to decrease the font size of the text you used in your boxes. Press on the edges of your boxes and drag them in to make them smaller.


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