How to Disarm Electrical Traps in "Sims 3"

By K.C. Moore

Updated September 22, 2017

In the expansion pack "The Sims 3: World Adventures," your Sim can travel to exotic locations and explore ancient catacombs; however, doing so often comes at a price. Each catacomb is rigged with five different booby traps, including electrical traps. When your Sim sets off an electrical trap, he is shocked, which causes his mood to go down and slows his exploration progress. Instead of suffering through an electrical trap, have your Sim take the proper steps to disarm the trap.

Click on an electrical trap and select "Disarm." Every trap has its own challenge level and your Sim must have an equal or greater level in the Handiness skill in order to have the option to disarm the trap. If your Sim does not have a great enough skill level, use a different method.

Push a statue over the electrical trap to set it off without suffering the negative consequences. To see if you can move a statue, click on it and select "Inspect." You will have the option to push or pull the statue. Once the trap has been set off, you can move the statue and freely walk over the trap.

Explore the area for a switch that will shut off the trap. Not every electrical trap has a switch nearby.But in some cases, you can click a floor switch, hole in the wall or hanging torch to deactivate the trap.

Dive into a well or use the Shower in a Can item to soak your Sim. When your Sim is soaked, he leaves behind puddles which short out electrical traps when you walk over them. Soaking yourself is also how you recover your Sim after he has been shocked by an electrical trap.

Walk over the trap if you are unable to disarm it. Being shocked by the electrical trap will prevent it from going off again, making it safe for your Sim or others to cross it again.


Electrical traps only cause temporary disadvantages and are not fatal.

You can raise your Handiness skill by repairing broken objects around your home.