How to Give Your Sims More Energy

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

As in real life, Sims in the "The Sims 3" who stay awake for too long will experience sleepiness and a general lack of energy. There are only three ways that Sims can get back some of their lost energy: sleeping, caffeinated beverages and a special lifetime reward at the cost of 30,000 reward points, earned when Sims fulfill their wishes.

Have your Sim take a nap or go to sleep. Click any bed and select either "Nap" or "Sleep." This will allow your Sim to refill his energy bar completely without any negative side effects -- provided he is not sleeping on a cheap bed.

Have your Sim drink a caffeinated beverage. If you have either a coffee maker or an Excellent Anson Hot Beverage Maker, you can drink caffeinated beverages right in your home. Click the beverage maker and select the drink you want your Sim to drink. He will receive an energy boost, but he will have a negative moodlet once the "high" wears off.

Purchase the Meditative Sleep Trance reward. Click the chest icon on the bottom toolbar, and then click "Purchase." Locate "Meditative Sleep Trance" and click it. Click "Purchase." While this will not give you additional energy on the spot, it lessens the amount of time your Sim needs to sleep for his energy bar to fill by 80 percent.


The Meditative Sleep Trance reward is only available with the "World Adventures" expansion pack.


Because of its steep price, the Meditative Sleep Trance can typically only be purchased after a Sim fulfills his lifetime wish.