How to Find a Word Document That You Didn't Save

by Ruri RanbeUpdated September 28, 2017

If an interruption occurs while working in Word, and you failed to save the document, you may still be able to recover the file. AutoRecover, a function included with Microsoft Word, creates a backup of an open document at set intervals. Microsoft Word should automatically detect and display AutoRecover (ASD) files in the "Document Recovery" pane after restarting the program but if the word processor fails to open the task pane you can manually search for the ASD file in Microsoft Word or Windows Explorer.

Within Word

Open Microsoft Word. Click the "File" tab then "Recent" from the left pane.

Select "Recover Unsaved Documents" from the bottom-right side of the window.

Open each document in the "UnsavedFiles" folder until you find the correct Word Document.

Within Windows Explorer

Click "Start" then "Computer." Click the C drive.

Type "type:=.asd" into the search bar located on the top-right side of the window to search for ASD files.

Double-click each file in the results to find the unsaved Word document.


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