How Can I Get to Hydra Again in "AQWorld"?

By A.J. Hawkins

Updated September 22, 2017

There are numerous major boss battles players can fight in the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) "AdventureQuest Worlds." One of these is the first Chaos Beast, the Hydra, which can be defeated during a quest in Lake Hydra. However, once you complete the quest the Hydra disappears. For players who would like to replay the boss battle, there are several methods of returning to fight the Hydra.

Complete all 26 quests in Chaos Valley. The final quest here is defeating the first Lord of Chaos, Escherion.

Go to Mobius and speak with Dew Drop, the time travel fairy. She will give you the option of going back and fighting several previous boss battles, including the Hydra and Escherion.

Select to return to the Hydra boss battle, and you will be teleported to Lake Hydra, where you originally fought the Hydra.

Return to the Hydra an alternative way by opening your Book of Lore screen and turning to the "Chiral Valley 2" page. Click the "Replay" button next to the "Battle the Hydra" listing. You can also type "/join hydra" to return to the fight.