How to Get Crystal Ilbis in "MapleStory"

By Jessica Ring

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Crystal Shard

  • Naircain Jewel

  • Ilbi Throwing Star

  • Seven Luck Crystals

  • One Dark Crystal

In "MapleStory," the Crystal Ilbi is a throwing-star weapon that gives +29 Weapon Attack. Unlike regular throwing star weapons, the Crystal Ilbi must be periodically recharged. To use the weapon, your character must be at least Level 50. Although each Crystal Ilbi must be individually crafted, you can store up to 800 in your inventory. To forge your own Crystal Ilbi, you must first talk to John Barricade in New Leaf City.

Travel to New Leaf City by taking the subway from Kerning City.

Enter Big Ben and find John Barricade in the lobby.

Give Barricade one Crystal Shard and one Naircain Jewel. He will give you the Crystal Ilbi Forging Manual in return.

Go to the Omega Sector and talk to Spindle. Give him the manual, an Ilbi throwing star, seven Luck Crystals and one Dark Crystal. He will forge a Crystal Ilbi for you.