How to Send a Large Video Via Email for Free

By Clayton Kim

Updated September 28, 2017

Many email service providers limit the size of files that a user can send through email. This fact is irritating to most e-mail users, as the size of modern day video files usually exceed the file size limit imposed by many email service providers. This article will explain how you can successfully navigate through this obstacle.

File Compression

Condense multiple files and reduce their size with zipping software. Most Windows and Mac OS X operating systems allow their users to zip files.

Copy all the files and zip into a single folder. For Windows users: right-click on the folder, this will create a drop-down menu. Select the “Send To” option. Another drop down menu will open up.

Select “Compressed (zipped) Folder” option. This will create a .zip file in the folder you are currently working in.

Click on the folder you are zipping while pressing the “Ctrl” key if you're using a Mac. This will open a drop-down menu. Select the “Create Archive” option to create a .zip file.

Attach zip files to email messages without exceeding the file size limit. Zipped folders (.zip files) consume less space than normal files.

Using File Sharing Software

Use email file sharing software if zipping the folder will not help for large video files.

Register the file sharing software, before use. Some free software allows the user to send up to 2GB files. You Send It, File Hippo and Egnyte are online based programs. Check with the services to see if a trial, fee or payment accounts is available to share files.

Upload the required files to the software server after registration. The software generates a hyperlink (address). Copy this link and paste it in the email message or send the link directly to the recipient through the software (software will usually offer built-in email service).

The recipient will receive the link in the inbox. The recipient can download the required files by clicking this link.


Some software will require both the sender and the recipient to register with it. This will ensure more secure transfer of files between the sender and the recipient.


Do not send very sensitive files through e-mail file sharing software.

Click on an e-mailed link only if you know and trust the recipient very well.

Zipping a video file may degrade its quality a bit. Do not zip the file if quality is very important.