How to Activate Console on TF2

By Andy Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

The PC version of the game "Team Fortress 2" lets players activate a developer console so that they can enter cheats during gameplay. Players must actually go into the options of the game to enable the console. Commands can then be entered at any point during the game by pressing the "Tilde" key and entering the primary cheat "sv_cheats 1" without quotations. This will allow any other cheats to function in the game.

Select the "Options" button from the main menu. Click on the "Keyboard" tab in the "Options" menu.

Select "Advanced" at the bottom of the window. Click the box for enabling the developer console and click both "OK" messages.

Enter any game from the main menu. Press the "Tilde" key.

Enter the phrase "sv_cheats 1" without quotations and press "Enter." Enter cheats like "impulse 101" or "buddha" without the quotation marks and press "Enter" to get all weapons and for immortality respectively.