How to Max My Visa Level on "Sims 3"

By Annie Carter

Updated September 22, 2017

“The Sims 3” expansion pack, “World Adventures,,” allows you to send your Sims on vacations to other countries within the game. You start off at the lowest Visa level and, with each visit to a country, you increase your Visa level for that country. As your Visa level increases, you are able to stay on your vacation longer and once you're maxed out, you can buy vacation homes in that country. Maxing out your Visa level is easily done, even by novice “Sims 3” players.

Travel to Egypt, France and China and learn the skills offered by those countries. Learn martial arts in China, nectar-making in France and photography in Egypt. Learning these skills will make your Sims more worldly in the eyes of those countries.

Perform adventure quests while in each of the countries. To do these quests, go to the announcement board in the Hostel area your Sim sleeps in while on vacation. Any open quests will be placed there. The more quests you go on and complete, the more points you will earn. Some of the quests may require return trips back to the country in which they originated as well as trips to one of the other quests to obtain something needed for the quest.

Complete as many Opportunities associated with each of the countries as you can. Never decline an opportunity that requires you to travel when you want to become a Seasoned Traveler.

Befriend as many foreign Sims as you can. The more friends you make in a country, the more points you will receive toward your Visa level.


Each country has its own Visa level. You will have to travel to each of the countries to build up that country's Visa level. Reach Visa Level 3 to max it out.