How to Get the Nightshade Mission in "Wizard101"

By Jessica Ring

Updated September 22, 2017

In "Wizard101," the Dark of Nightshade quest is one of the most difficult missions in the game. To successfully complete the mission, you must find and defeat Lord Nightshade in battle. Lord Nightshade is a Death School Creature and the strongest boss in Wizard City. You can receive the quest by talking to Merle Ambrose, the founder of Wizard City. The Lord Nightshade quest is only available after you have finished all other quests in Wizard City.

Travel to Wizard City. To travel fast, click the "Map" icon on your game screen and select "Wizard City."

Go to the Commons and find Merle Ambrose's house. Enter the house and speak to Merle Ambrose. If you have completed all of the Wizard City quests up to A Look of Horror, he will give you the Dark of Nightshade quest.

Travel to the Haunted Cave, located at the end of Triton Avenue. Go through the cave until you reach Stormdrain Tower. Stormdrain Tower is Lord Nightshade's castle.

Enter Stormdrain Tower and find Lord Nightshade. He is located at the top of the castle.

Defeat Lord Nightshade. If you battle him alone, he will spawn one minion. If you battle him with friends, there will be a corresponding number of minions.

Return to Merle Ambrose. You will receive the Wizard City Protector Badge and an Athame.