How to Make a Video Clip

By Tom Williamson

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Camera

  • Computer

  • Video footage

  • Editing system

The skateboarder's trick can be a single video clip or a longer one.
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Video clips are essentially short video sequences that are used for entertainment or educational purposes. Video clips have become a popular form of media in recent years thanks to video-sharing websites, such as YouTube and Daily Motion, that allow users to post their videos on the Internet for people all over the world to watch. Popular ways of making video clips include using original footage that you film on your own or editing existing footage to suit your needs.

Turn on your camera and start filming. Modern technology has made capturing video an easy process. You can go the traditional route and use a video camera, or you could use the video function on your digital camera, your webcam or even your cell phone.

To make a video using existing footage, skip to Step 4.

Transfer your video to your computer. Transferring digital video to your computer is a simple process. Attach your camera to your computer with a USB cable or insert the camera's memory card into a card reader. (Card readers are built in to many computers or available to purchase separately.) Transferring video from a tape requires a FireWire connection or a special piece of hardware to convert the video into digital format for use on your computer.

Open your editing program. Many computers have an editing program already installed when you buy them from the store, but there are many options for this type of software. The program on your computer will allow you to do basic edits, though, and is sufficient for simple video clips.

Import your video into your editing program. The video will stay in an area where you can view your media before you insert it into the timeline. You can also see pictures and audio that you have imported into the program for that particular project.

Insert a video clip onto the timeline. You will now be able to edit the video for length and apply digital filters to alter the video. Use the "Mark In" and "Mark Out" buttons to choose which segment of the video you wish to use, the rest of the clip will not appear in your video.

Insert more clips, as necessary, and then add titles or music to complete your video.

"Produce" your video. When you are done with all edits, you then have to produce your video. Click the "Produce" (or similarly titled) tab.Choose the video format and size and wait for your saved video to render.


Make sure you know your camera's basic functions. Learn about the Power, Record and Playback functions and anything else your camera may be equipped with.

Use a tripod if you are planning to make a professional-looking video.

Avoid centering your subject in the middle of the frame. This is another sign of an amateur video.