How to Cut Down Trees in "Pokemon FireRed" Version

By RussellL

Updated September 22, 2017

"Pokemon FireRed" was a remake of the old "Pokemon Red" version for Game Boy Color. In "Pokemon FireRed," players traverse land using a combination of special moves that help them get past various types of terrain. One such move, Cut, allows players to cut down small trees and pass them.

Go into the S.S. Anne cruise ship in Vermillion City.

Battle your way through trainers, following the path and stairs upward until you reach the top deck of the ship.

Enter the cabin on the East Side of the ship.

Talk to the captain standing over a pot, and select the option to give him a backrub. He will give you the HM Cut.

Press "Start," "Bag," "Key Items," "TM Case," "HM Cut," and select a Pokemon to teach it the move Cut.

Press "A" while facing a tree, and the option will appear to cut the tree down. Select "Yes," and the tree will disappear.