How to Draw a Rectangle Outline in Photoshop

By Nicole Hamilton

Updated September 28, 2017

Outline rectangles to make unique frame designs.
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Learning to outline rectangles paves the way to create other photo effects, such as borders and geometric designs. Photoshop provides two ways to create an outlined rectangle in any color or thickness. One option is to use the Rectangle tool and draw a vector shape. The other method involves using the Rectangular Marquee tool and stroking it with color.

Create a Rectangle Outline Using the Shape Tool

Select the Rectangle tool from the Tool’s panel. It is the last tool in the third set of tools in the panel. If the Rectangle tool is not visible, click and hold on the current shape to reveal the tools hidden underneath.

Go to the options bar and click on the “Style” arrow.

Select the “One Pixel Stroke, Zero Percent Fill Opacity” style.

Click and drag with the tool to draw the outlined rectangle.

Double-click the Stroke effect in the Layers panel to edit the size, color and opacity of the outline.

Create a Rectangle Outline Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool

Click on the Rectangular Marquee tool, which is in the first set of tools. The icon is a square defined by a dashed line.

Create a new layer by going to “Layer,” “New” and choose “Layer.”

Click and drag to draw a rectangular selection.

Go to “Edit,” “Stroke” and then set the width, color and location of the stroke.

Click “OK” to apply the stroke, and then press “Ctrl” and “D” to deselect.