How to Set Up MapleStory Macros

By Chrystal Doucette

Updated September 22, 2017

As with most online games that prohibit leveling assistance, MapleStory prohibits players from setting up macros to complete repetitive tasks automatically. Macros are sets of instructions the computer feeds to a character so it can complete tasks without a person clicking. Players use macros to relieve hand and wrist strain and to level up faster in a game. Although macros are prohibited by the game's terms of service, they are still offered by third-party organizations. Keep in mind that you may be banned from MapleStory for using macros.

Visit the MapleStory100 website (

Download the file titled "CPPFINAL.rar" at the bottom of the screen.

Open the macro program. You will see a black box with the text "Waiting for MapleStory." Log into MapleStory. You can now see the program options.

Enable your macro by setting your hotkey to your chosen button. Hotkeys can be F1 through F12, and Numpad 1 through Numpad 4. To make F12 your hotkey, type "12." To make F3 your hotkey, type "3." The other Function keys are set up the same way. The Numpad options work by typing "9" before the Numpad key you want to use. For example, set Numpad 1 by typing "91."

Type your hotkey with the game screen open and watch your character perform the requested task on its own.


To set the auto-chat macro, type up to two sentences in MapleStory and click the "AutoChat" button.

Disable a hotkey by clicking next to the function you want disabled and typing "0."


Using macros can get you banned, particularly if other players report you.