How to Print Tickets With Numbers

By Vera Leigh

Updated September 22, 2017

Microsoft Word offers free ticket templates.
i Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

If you are preparing for a community raffle and want to have tickets to give to participants or to ask them to buy, you can print your own creative batch using free templates through Microsoft Word. The tickets come with preprinted numbers. Your only job is to print the tickets on card stock and to cut them out carefully. Let the winning begin!

Open up a new Microsoft Word document. Simply double-click on the Word icon on your desktop or on your "Start" menu. A blank document will open up.

Click the "Office Button" at the top left of your screen. Click "New." In the search box on the menu that pops up, type "tickets" without quotations and press "Enter."

Scroll through the ticket templates that pop up on the screen. Double-click on one that you like with numbers. The "Raffle Ticket" template is a good one to try because it has preprinted numbers on it. Once you double-click on the icon of a ticket template, it will download into Microsoft Word.

Click the "Office Button" again, followed by "Print." When the print menu appears, press the "OK" button.