How to Send a Photo on Facebook

By Jay Leon

Updated September 28, 2017

Facebook can do many things that you might otherwise need another website or software to do, such as send photos to individual people. If you would rather share photos with specific friends rather than post them on your wall, Facebook lets you do that. The Messages feature on the site works like a basic email service. The recipient can view your message with the photo attached, much as if it were an email.

Click "Messages" on the left pane of the main Facebook page while you are logged in. Click the "New Message" button.

Enter the name of the Facebook friend you want to send a photo to in the recipient's field. Compose your message in the message body area.

Look below the message body. Click the icon immediately to the right of the text that says "Attach." This is the photo icon and it looks like a square picture.

Click "Upload a Photo" to select a picture from the computer. Or click "Take a Photo" to make a picture with a Web camera and then send it. If you choose the former, click "Browser" and locate the file you want to send.

Review the message. When you are sure everything is as you like it, click "Send."


You can also insert a URL (Web address) of a photo in your message if the picture you want to share is online. A preview of the photo will appear in your message.