How to Blow Up the Shiny Silver Objects in "LEGO Indiana Jones"

By James Holloway

Updated September 22, 2017

As you lead Indy and his companions through the levels of "Lego Indiana Jones: the Original Adventures," you will find shiny silver objects that are immune to punches and other attacks. In some cases, you'll be able to destroy them by running into them with a truck or throwing a nearby stick of dynamite, but in other cases you won't have this option. You won't be able to destroy these with the characters available in Story mode; instead, you'll have to unlock characters who have the Explosives special ability, then return in Free Play mode to destroy the objects there.

Bazooka Trooper

The Bazooka Trooper is equipped with a powerful rocket launcher that can destroy silver objects. This character becomes unlockable after the Into the Mountains section of Raiders of the Lost Ark, and costs 30,000 studs. There is another version of the Bazooka Trooper in the later Last Crusade section; this character is identical to the Raiders version, except for his uniform. Like the Raiders trooper, the Last Crusade Bazooka Trooper costs 30,000 studs. He becomes available after the Castle Rescue mission. In addition to his weapon, the Bazooka Trooper has the Enemy Access ability. Because of his uniform, he can pass through German checkpoints without a disguise.

Enemy Officer

The Enemy Officer doesn't have a rocket launcher, but he can still blow up shiny silver objects by throwing grenades at them. Like the Bazooka Trooper, there are two versions of the Enemy Officer. One becomes available after the City of Danger mission, whereas the desert-uniformed variety appears after the Well of Souls level. Both cost 30,000 studs. The Enemy Officer also has the Enemy Access ability.

Entering Free Play Mode

Once you've completed a stage in Story Mode, you'll have the option to return to it using the map board in Barnett College. Select the level, then choose "Free Play" when the menu appears. You'll now be asked to select the characters you want to start the level with. You don't have to pick Bazooka Trooper or Enemy Officer here, because you can change characters as you please in Free Play mode. In fact, if you assign either of their weapons (the Bazooka and Hand Grenade, respectively) to one of your custom characters, that character will also have the Explosives ability. Start the level and proceed to the location of the silver object you want destroyed.

Destroying Shiny Objects

When you reach the target, switch to one of your explosives-equipped characters using the Toggle Characters button. Move the character to a position facing the object. In a moment, the blue targeting indicator should appear over the object. Press the Attack or Use buttons and the character will launch his explosive at the target, destroying it. Shiny objects often conceal treasure or entrances, so destroying them can give you access to new secrets.