How to Make Your Head Look Bald in Photoshop

By Filonia LeChat

Updated September 28, 2017

Try on the hair-free look using Adobe Photoshop.
i Hemera Technologies/ Images

If you subscribe to the “bald is beautiful” theory or just want to see what you’d look like lockless without actually committing to the razor, use Photoshop to go bare. The Adobe Photoshop software provides the tools to try on a bald-headed look in less time than it would take to actually shave off the hair on your head. Photoshop’s version of the shaving process is also less permanent than the real thing. In a few clicks, you can go from bald to back and enjoy the no-hair look on screen.

Open Photoshop. Click the “File” menu and select “Open.” Click “Browse” and locate the photo to remove hair. Double-click the image and it opens in the Photoshop workspace.

Click the “Clone Stamp” tool, which looks like a check-canceling stamper, in the middle of the “Tools” palette. Hover the cursor, which turns into a circle, on the person’s forehead closest to the hairline, but in a hairless area.

Press and hold down the “Alt” key on the keyboard and click the hair-free area one time, copying the “bald” skin into Photoshop’s memory. Release the “Alt” key and slide the cursor up slightly onto where the hair first starts to appear in the middle forehead.

Press and hold down the left mouse button, click and drag the cursor up and to the right, then down, following the hair line around the person’s face. The copied “skin” is deposited over the hair, making it appear as if there was no hair on the right side of the head. Repeat the clicking and dragging until you see only the skin.

Repeat the process on the left side of the picture, starting from the top-middle of the head and working your way down to cover all of the hair with skin, creating the bald look.

Repeat the “Clone Stamp” process, but this time by hovering the cursor and clicking the “Alt” key over the background, behind the head. Capture a click of the background and release the “Alt” key. Click and drag the cursor in a bell shape around the top of the head, reshaping it into a normal head shape, as the copying/pasting of the bald skin may have made the head look misshapen. Continue until the background deposit reformats the head shape into regular shape.

Click the “File” menu and select “Save As.” Give the image a new name and click the “Save” button.