How to Unlink a Track in Logic

By Chris Anzalone

Updated September 22, 2017

Apple's Logic Pro and Logic Express programs allow you to record music professionally using “tracks.” Tracks are layers for recording that capture each piece of a song individually. For instance, you can have a guitar track, a bass track and a drum track, and mix them each individually. In Logic, you must assign a different track number to each track, because any tracks with identical numbers will become linked, sharing the same effects and attributes (which makes precise mixing impossible). If this occurs, however, you can remedy the problem.

Open Logic. Click "File" on your menu bar, then click "Open" on the drop-down list. Select the Logic project containing the tracks that you want to unlink.

Click "(Window > Arrange)" on your menu bar to open the Arrange window. The Arrange window features all of your tracks laid out as a stack of horizontal bars. In the left column you can find your track names, like "AUDIO 1," "AUDIO 2" or "INST 1."

Click the title of one of the tracks that you want to unlink. Since the tracks are linked, they should have the same title, so it does not matter which of the tracks you select. Just click the title in the left column of the Arrange window and hold it with your mouse until a pop-up list appears.

Select a new track number from the pop-up list. You will have the option of choosing "INST" (MIDI) or "AUDIO" (raw audio) titles. Choose the same type of track currently in use. (For instance, if your track currently reads "INST," then choose another "INST" track.) Specifically, choose a track number not already in use. If you select "AUDIO 5" from the list, but another track already has the name "AUDIO 5," you will just create a new link rather than unlinking the original track.